The author with his son in Miami

The author with his son in Miami

About the Author

Angelo Solera Iniesta was born in Madrid, Spain and was raised in an orphanage in the city of Salamanca. After a childhood filled with poverty, neglect and physical abuse, at 17 he decided to immigrate to the United States with the intention of creating a new life for himself.

Having no formal education and without speaking the language, for years he lived the lot of an illegal immigrant, until he decided to teach himself how to speak English. Always a self-stater, he managed to get involved in the local government and social and health fields, which lead him to realize the need for advocacy when it came to Hispanic immigrant rights in Baltimore, MD.

His love for this marginalized community and for social justice prompted him to run for office, becoming the first Hispanic candidate in this city. Disappointed by the indifference of the authorities to the prevailing social injustices, he decided to go back to Spain after 23 years. This trip turned out to be a life-changing experience.

Today, after embarking on a 400 mile pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, he continues his quixotic journey with the publication of two books. His first book in English title “ The Journey “ was release in Baltimore, Maryland in 2008. His second book in Spanish Title “ El Camino “ was also release in Baltimore, Maryland in 2010. Both the Spanish & English versions will be release soon in Salamanca, Spain.

This man has undergone a transformation right in front of my eyes. I know this because I am his son and he is my father.

~ Juan Antonio Solera.