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Angelo’s Journey in life and on paper

  • by Tiffany Beard, DC Urban Arts Examiner
  • November 25th, 2010 12:49 pm ET

I met Angelo Solera in 2008, and was highly impressed at the fact that he was a independently published writer of his own works. His story (both published and unwritten) has inspired and affected my life, reading about how he overcame many obstacles, and made difficult and beautiful choices. Solera said, in an interview with yours truly, “I have to say that I have been blessed, because I did not just write two books, I also self-published them, and doing so helped me to grow and evolve as a writer and publisher”.

His first publication, The Journey, told the story of his difficult upbringing, life in America as an illegal immigrant, victory over substance abuse, a political career in Baltimore, and a 400 mile journey (on foot) in rural Spain that changed his life. According to Solera, this journey is still taking place. Part of the journey for Solera included the writing and publication of El Camino, his second book.

Angelo wrote his books in Baltimore (at local Panera Bread eateries), word by word, chapter by chapter. “As I recounted my journey through life, I uncovered many personal demons and fears – love, hate, passion, obsession and dependence, to mention just a few. By doing so, they can no longer control my life or my destiny… I feel free,” says Solera via his publishing website.

Solera has used independent publishing and social media websites to get the word out about the books he has written. He has also started marketing his books in England and Spain. Solera attends book readings and signings, cultural events, coffee shops, and book festivals in the Baltimore-Washington area, inviting people to “visit my website to learn more about me and my books”.

With the help of his friends and family, some of whom he has referred to as “angels” on his path, Solera has become a beacon for Latino community in Baltimore. His political work was a major prompt for the writing and publication of El Camino. “I understand the many linguistic and cultural challenges that many Latinos face in Baltimore and in the United States.” Solera plans to write another book about immigrants leaving their native land to come to America.
Angelo Solera is a living lesson in fearlessness, perseverance, and confidence, and you may find his books on Amazon.com, and of course at the following sites: authorsbookshop.com

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